You might think that spending a week in Morocco just before exams revisions is not exactly the best idea. Considering that this is one of the most agitated destinations, one would expect the trip to be exciting and not at all restful. Yet here I am, just 10 mins away from the tumultuous Medina and its jammed narrow souk streets, disconnecting and clearing my head at the Beldi Country Club.

With a combination of traditional architecture and a chic minimalistic decoration this little oasis just crawled its way up my top addresses list.

The hotel’s unique environment sits on vast terrains that make you feel like you are their only guest (even during high season) and the beauty of its outdoors just makes you want to wander there for hours. Not only did the Beldi charm me with its olive tree paths and its tranquil swimming pools, but also with a delicious Moroccan cuisine and with its very own mini souk!

A calm retreat with good food and shopping? Now this is what I call heaven…

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