Secret Santa: pick a date, chose a budget and draw names.

The concept seems simple at first but it can actually become one of the most arduous battles.

Time is ticking. And sure, for those who picked someone they know by heart, finding a gift is an easy task. But what about the rest of us who picked for instance that distant cousin; or that new colleague at the firm; or simply that acquaintance with whom we've never bonded?

Considering the pressure of the situation, I have managed to come with a selection in order to help the Santas in need:

1. For the Sleepless
Love Eye Mask by Love Stories Intimate: 30€

2. For the Gentleman
Tank Whiskey Glasses by Tom Dixon: 51€

3. For the Philosopher
Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari: 20€

4. For the Coquette
Original Sin Lip Color by Tom Ford: 54€

5. For the Sweet Tooth
Sea Salt Caramel Truffles by Charbonnel et Walker: 28€

6. For the Fashionista
Forest Green Beret by Village Hats: 10€

7. For the Geek
White Silicone Case by Apple: 35€

8. For the Stargazer
Zodiac Sign Necklace by Maje: 55€

9.For the Aesthete
Panther Cross Body Bag by Topshop: 25€

10. For the Globetrotter
Jet Set Kit by Aesop: 33€

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