You might be aware of my love for Chloé and Clare Weight Keller collections.
As an eternal fan, I couldn't be happier wearing these statement flou dress and chocolate mint Faye.

Can't wait to see how the talentuous Natacha Ramsay Levi (Chloé's new creative director) will embody the spirit of the maison!

Dress - Chloé
Bag - Chloé

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My year in Milan has now come to an end.

Thinking back on all the things I have done in only eight months, I thought it was only right to dedicate one last post to this wonderful city and suggest my most cherished spots.

Where to find the best pasta and pizza

Dry : pizza, focaccia and mixology
Nabucco : the real italian between all the Brera tourist traps
Mimmo : live piano and firewood mood in a lounge atmosphere
Drogherie Milanese : small italian "tapas", each as delicious as the next
Il salumaio: sophisticates lunch in the fashion quadrilateral

Where to head for cocktail hours

Mag : small but lively
Officina / Fonderie : both on the same secret alley
The Yard: boutique hotel with a dandy atmosphere
Fashion Cafe : in the cute Brera District
Canteen: also great mexican restaurant

Where to stroll for window shopping indulgement:s

Via Montenapoleone: the most iconic and elegant avenue
10 Corso Como : concept store, restaurant and gallery
Tearose : scents, lights, flowers and couture
Corso Vittorio Emanuele: tipical stores but exceptional architecture

Where to cool off on the weekend:

East Market : grab a beer, listen to the dj set and get some vintage
QC Termemilano : the most special wellness sanctuary
Navigli: nice ambience around the canals
Paro Sempione: ideal spot for a sunny picnic

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All aboard the 60’s express: let’s replace our boring sunglasses with some retro shades !
Many designers have adopted this groovy trend for summer 2017 and I definitely approve. With so many alternatives, colors and shapes, the only issue is: which one to get?

See below my top pics

The classic cat-eye pair, an elegant risk-free investment .
Where to find them: Céline ; Gucci ; Le Specs

The girly eyewear: because pink is the new black !! Haven't you heard?
Where to find them: Chanel ; Phillip Lim x Linda Farrow

The white sunnies: 100% instagram approved, no filter required.
Where to find them: Retro Planet ; Topshop ; Acne

The glam shadows: a bejeweled vintage look without any scratch.
Where to find them: Miu Miu ; Dolce & Gabbana

How much longer until summer?!



You might think that spending a week in Morocco just before exams revisions is not exactly the best idea. Considering that this is one of the most agitated destinations, one would expect the trip to be exciting and not at all restful. Yet here I am, just 10 mins away from the tumultuous Medina and its jammed narrow souk streets, disconnecting and clearing my head at the Beldi Country Club.

With a combination of traditional architecture and a chic minimalistic decoration this little oasis just crawled its way up my top addresses list.

The hotel’s unique environment sits on vast terrains that make you feel like you are their only guest (even during high season) and the beauty of its outdoors just makes you want to wander there for hours. Not only did the Beldi charm me with its olive tree paths and its tranquil swimming pools, but also with a delicious Moroccan cuisine and with its very own mini souk!

A calm retreat with good food and shopping? Now this is what I call heaven…

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Today Cotton and Tonic goes public.
I am so excited to finally bring this project alive!

Why didn’t I do that before?
It probably has to do with the fact that I have been kind of a perfectionist in what regards this website: the visual aspect of the pages and the format of the posts have never fully satisfied me.
After some time, I have realised that I am happy if perfection is never actually attained because if the platform needed no modification what so ever I wouldn’t have to work much on it anymore and wouldn’t get to live the long but thrilling process of creating a world of my own and seeing it grow.
So I am ready. Ready to put more effort into it, ready to publish more consistent posts and ready to share them.

I hope you will enjoy scrolling around my little visual diary.