It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

The period comes of course with lights, carols and an inevitable gift hunt. I always start the month full of ideas for what to give (or buy for myself ...) and end up stressing due to my favorite tradition: leaving it all to the last minute. Therefore, even thought I am not asking for anything this year, I though I should share a little selection in case the inspiration disappears.

1. Peter Lindberg photography book from Taschen / 2. Houndstooth tweed blazer from Pierre
Balmain / 3. Frayed Hem jeans from Zara / 4. Silver-plated cuff from Jennifer Fisher / 5. Phyloskios
vaporizor from Diptyque / 6. Studded velvet anke boots from Chloe / 7. Georgette lace blouse from
Self Portrait / 8. Tangerine bralette from Love Stories / 9. Cat-eye sunglasses from Miu Miu

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La Dolce Vita. For years I have thought about this concept as "the sweet life full of luxuries".
Living in Milan and getting acquainted with the local culture made me realize I got that definition wrong. The dolce vita is actually living the life to the fullest by allowing yourself little pleasures.

Here are five ways to follow the Italian footsteps and rejoice in the dolce vita:

1. Everyone is famiglia
Whether it's family, friends or a soulmate, the best way to appreciate life is definitely with the people you love. Yet, Italians are always open to offer hospitality and include people from faraway countries. Sharing is caring. They understand this phrase very well and I couldn't be more grateful to have landed in such a welcoming country.

2. Embrace the "perchè no" philosophy
Perchè no means why not. I have to say this is one of my favorites Italian customs because you can apply it to so many things and to all life indulgences. For instance:
Should I take a second glass of wine? Why not! Should I sleep an hour more? Why not!

3. The food and especially the pasta
Italians are passionate about food but mostly they are passionate about the ingredients. This is the finest attribute of the country: quality products. While there are supermarkets with good food, many people enjoy buying fresh products from the Mercato where customers are face to face with the farmers.

3. La bella figura
Italians like to give a good image wherever they go. They dress to impress and competition is especially fierce in the country's fashion capital. Every morning, I enjoy watching this every day catwalk: getting inspired from a girl's style or simply enjoying a men wearing an elegant coat...

5. Enjoy the little things
Due to the small size of the city and the narrowness of its streets, walking is the best way to move around Milan. This is probably one of the reasons why I am now more able to appreciate the beauty of details: the charming newsstands, the flower markets, the ornamented balconies...

Picture 1 - The Duomo 
Picture 2 - Fashion newsstand in Corso Venezia 
Picture 3 - Orecchiette con le cime di rapa at the Drogheria Milanese (highly recommended)
Picture 4 - My friend Alexia and I



When your sister invites you to London for the weekend in order to celebrate her 18th birthday you say yes. And so, just installed in Milan (post coming soon), I headed back to good old England.

With 1,572 km2, London has so many to offer and although I have already been several times, the versatility of the city amazes me every time I visit.

Here are my little discoveries of the past two days:

Zuma - Japanese Restaurant
5 Raphael Street, Knightsbridge

The Vintage (Up) - Market
91 Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets

Coya - Peruvian Restaurant/Bar
118 Picadilly, Mayfair

Abstract Expressionism - RA Exhibition
Burlington House, Picadilly

NOPI - Healthy Quick Bites
21 Warwick Street, Soho

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Surprise surprise, I lightened my hair ...

I have always wondered how I would look with blond hair. This week I am moving to Milan and I have considered this transition to be the perfect occasion for a change.

As I had quite a dark natural colour, the Dessange salon has recommended me to dye my hair through different steps. Their process called "Balayage Californien" combined with the summer sunlights has given my hair a very natural result which I am overly satisfied with.

Beware Italy, blond Ines is coming !